Chairman's Message
Mr. Shivratan Agarwal, Chairman
It was my childhood dream to bring system and order into this large
unorganized sector. Bikaji is responsible for changing the face of the indian
namkeen industry while retaining the centuries-old taste and flavour. Bikaji
was the first to bring automated packaging, the first to introduce stylish
packaging that allowed the traditional namkeen to match the funkiness of
western chips and wafers.
To provide the best quality, hygiene and compititively priced food products
to our customers worldwide, meeting their ever-changing demands and
thereby building consumer loyalty.
  • To implement the best in technology, research and development
  • Procure best available raw materials
  • Make brand 'Bikaji' reach international domains
  • Sustain growth trajectory by fulfilling stackholders' expectations
  • Attract and attain customer loyalty with high value products and services
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